The Good Life (Autographed )

By: Pamela Smith

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The Good Life

By: Pamela Smith

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Publication Date - Mar 1996

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ISBN: 9780884194002

Discover gourmet guidelines for healthy living!For men and women who have good taste, lead busy lives, desire to eat healthy and enjoy entertaining, this is the choice! Whether you are preparing one simple recipe or an entire meal for a special event with friends and family, Pam Smith has covered every detail just for you. And she has designed recipes for those of us who don't have the time (or the energy!) to plan and cook a meal after a busy day. You will learn what ingredients you can substitute, how to make your own spice and herb blends, as well as simple cooking techniques that will produce rave reviews about your culinary talents. In addition, Pam has included exciting menus and tips for every kind of meal and celebration--even mouth-watering desserts. The best part is-these recipes are all healthy!

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