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Understanding Others

By: Joseph F. Trimmer (Introduction by); Tilly Warnock (Editor)

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Publication Date - Nov 1992

Publisher Description

This book of essays offers perspectives for college teachers facing the perplexities of today's focus on cultural issues in literature programs. The book presents ideas from 19 scholars and teachers relating to theories of culture-oriented criticism and teaching, contexts for these activities, and specific, culture-focused texts significant for college courses. The articles and their authors are as follows: (1) "Cultural Criticism: Past and Present" (Mary Poovey); (2) "Genre as a Social Institution" (James F. Slevin); (3) "Teaching Multicultural Literature" (Reed Way Dasenbrock); (4) "Translation as a Method for Cross-Cultural Teaching" (Anuradha Dingwaney and Carol Maier); (5) "Teaching in the Television Culture" (Judith Scot-Smith Girgus and Cecelia Tichi); (6) "Multicultural Teaching: It's an Inside Job" (Mary C. Savage); (7) "Chicana Feminism: In the Tracks of 'the' Native Woman" (Norma Alarcon); (8) "Current African American Literary Theory: Review and Projections" (Reginald Martin); (9) "Talking across Cultures" (Robert S. Burton); (10) "Walter Mitty in China: Teaching American Fiction in an Alien Culture" (H. W. Matalene); (11) "Text, Context, and Teaching Literature by African American Women" (Sandra Jamieson); (12) "Sethe's 'Big, Bad' Love" (Chauncey A. Ridley); (13) "Baldwin, Bebop, and 'Sonny's Blues'" (Pancho Savery); (14) "Filiative and Affiliative Textualization in Chinese American Literature" (David Leiwei Li); (15) "The Unheard: Vietnamese Voices in the Literature Curriculum" (Renny Christopher); (16) "Narrative Theory in Naguib Mahfouz's 'The Children of Gebelawi'" (Suzanne Evertsen Lundquist); and (17) "The Mixed Blood Writer as Interpreter and Mythmaker" (Patricia Riley). (SR)

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