The Modern Gentleman, 2nd Edition

By: Phineas Mollod; Jason Tesauro

Publisher Description

"A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy, and Vice "This compendium of manners and mischief offers advice on every situation the enlightened modern man needs to navigate, from drinking and entertaining to wooing and whisker-trimming. Being a modern gent requires a certain savvy with social media, a working knowledge of craft beers and rhum agricole, and a knack for tipping etiquette, pocket squares, and motoring. The second edition of this manly manual explains how to infuse civility into sticky situations such as sexting and features new sections on tech etiquette from blogging to online dating. Lawyer-raconteur Phineas Mollod and food-and-wine expert Jason Tesauro also debut the green gentleman, who espouses a locavorian ethos while shunning conspicuous consumption. Topped off by fresh entertaining and libation tips including new cocktail recipes this book provides everything the thoroughly modern man needs to get by in this roguish world."

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