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We are all searching for new ideas and new possibilities for our classrooms. The Best Lesson Series: Literature offers 15 remarkable lessons from master teachers that will increase student engagement, boost their appreciation of literature, and transform your classroom into a place of discovery and deep critical thinking. Our Best Ideas Become Your Best Lessons: 15 Master Teachers -- Veteran instructors, inspirational teacher-authors, and national award winners share their favorite literature plans. Step-by-Step Instructions -- We are not fans of jargon. Each teacher guide you through their plan with clarity while offering options for differentiation. Each lesson is easy to understand and easy to implement. Handouts Included -- Each chapter includes links to free literature, online articles, and expertly crafted handouts that are ready to go. "The Best Lesson Series is a breath of fresh air and a long overdue resource for educators. Brian Sztabnik assembles a superstar lineup of master teachers, who ease readers into each lesson with a friendly backdrop--the Story Behind the Lesson--followed by a simple overview, goals, why the lesson is memorable, and more. If you're tired of last year's instruction, The Best Lesson Series: Literature is a book that is right on time." -- Mark Barnes, author of Assessment 3.0 and creator of the Hack Learning Series "All teachers want to expand their craft, but trying something new is risky. That's what makes the lessons in this volume pure gold: They have stood the test of time in classrooms of seasoned professionals. This book somehow manages to be both practical, with strategies teachers can apply immediately in their own work, and fascinating, letting us inside the minds of educators as they think deeply about how best to shape learning experiences for their students. English teachers will return to this one again and again." - Jennifer Gonzalez, NBCT in English Language Arts and Editor-in-Chief of Cult of Pedagogy

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