Rotten Bananas and the Emerald Dream

By: Muriel Pritchett

Publisher Description

When Carolina Cunningham's perfect life in retirement at the Villas begins to feel less than perfect, she realizes something is missing in her life. Even though she finds enjoyment reading her Mrs. Craycraft Super Agent books, she wants something more. When she decides what is missing in her life is adventure, excitement, and romance, she convinces two bridge-playing friends to take a Caribbean cruise onboard The Emerald Dream. During the cruise, the women cross paths with a stowaway, a hunky spy, a smuggling ring, assassins, and kidnappers. As their fears are brushed aside by authorities, the women do not know who they can trust. Everyone--from Mr. Hunky Spy to Mr. Boring Officer--is suspect. In every island port, they search for evidence to prove they're not batty old women, while trying not to meet an untimely end in the process.

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