Reading and Writing about Literature

By: Janet E. Gardner; JoAnne Diaz

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Reading and Writing about Literature

By: Janet E. Gardner; JoAnne Diaz

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[* Indicates sections or material new to this edition] Preface for Instructors Brief Contents 1. INTRODUCTION TO READING AND WRITING ABOUT LITERATURE Why Read Literature? Why Write about Literature? What to Expect in a Literature Class Literature and Enjoyment 2. THE ROLE OF GOOD READING The Value of Rereading Critical Reading The Myth of "Hidden Meaning" Active Reading      Annotating *WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS, The Second Coming (Annotated Poem)      Note Taking      Journal Keeping      Using Reference Materials Questions for Active Reading: Fiction Questions for Active Reading: Poetry Questions for Active Reading: Drama Asking Critical Questions of Literature BEN JONSON, On My First Son (Annotated Poem) Checklist for Good Reading 3. THE WRITING PROCESS Prewriting      Choosing a Topic      *Developing an Argument *The Thesis        Gathering Support for Your Thesis Organizing Your Paper Drafting the Paper Revising and Editing      Global Revision Checklist      Local Revision Checklist       Final Editing Checklist Peer Editing and Workshops Tips for Writing about Literature Using Quotations Effectively Quoting from Stories Quoting from Poems Quoting from Plays Formatting Your Paper 4. COMMON WRITING ASSIGNMENTS Summary Response      *ZORA NEALE HURSTON, Sweat      *STUDENT ESSAY: Taylor Plantan, "A Response to ''Sweat''" *Explication      ROBERT HERRICK, Upon Julia''s Clothes      STUDENT ESSAY: Jessica Barnes, "Poetry in Motion: Herrick''s ''Upon Julia''s Clothes''"  *Analysis      ROBERT BROWNING, My Last Duchess      STUDENT ESSAY: Adam Walker, "Possessed by the Need for Possession: Browning''s ''My Last Duchess''" Comparison and Contrast      CHRISTINA ROSSETTI, After Death        STUDENT ESSAY: Todd Bowen, "Speakers for the Dead: Narrators in ''My Last Duchess'' and ''After Death''"  Essay Exams       WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, Sonnet 73"       ROBERT HERRICK, To the Virgins, To Make Much of Time       STUDENT ESSAY EXAM: Midterm Essay 5. WRITING ABOUT STORIES Elements of Fiction       Plot       Character       Point of View       Setting       Theme       Symbolism       Style Stories for Analysis       CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN, The Yellow Wallpaper       KATE CHOPIN, The Story of an Hour (Annotated Story)       STUDENT ESSAY: An Essay that Compares and Contrasts: Melanie Smith, "Good Husbands in Bad Marriages" 6. WRITING ABOUT POEMS Elements of Poetry       The Speaker       The Listener       Imagery       Sound and Sense Two Poems for Analysis       WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, Sonnet 116 (Annotated Poem)       T.S. ELIOT, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (Annotated Poem)       STUDENT ESSAY: An Explication: Patrick McCorkle, "Shakespeare Defines Love"  7. WRITING ABOUT PLAYS Elements of Drama       Plot, Character, and Theme       Diction       Spectacle       Setting How to Read a Play       Watching a Play       The Director''s Vision       SUSAN GLASPELL, Trifles       STUDENT ESSAY: An Analysis: Sarah Johnson, "Moral Ambiguity and Character Development in Trifles"  8. WRITING A LITERARY RESEARCH PAPER Finding Sources Evaluating Sources Working with Sources      Quotations      *Paraphrases and Summaries      Commentaries      Keeping Track of Your Sources Writing the Paper      Refine Your Thesis      Organize Your Evidence      Start Your Draft      Revise      Edit and Proofread *Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism What to Document and What Not to Document Documenting Sources: MLA Format      In-Text Citations      Preparing Your Works Cited List       *STUDENT ESSAY: Research Paper: Rachel McCarthy, "The Widening Gyres of Chaos in Yeats''s ''The Second Coming''" 9. LITERARY CRITICISM AND LITERARY THEORY Formalism and New Criticism Feminist and Gender Criticism Queer Theory Marxist Criticism Cultural Studies Postcolonial Criticism Historical Criticism and New Historicism Psychological Theories Reader-Response Theories Structuralism Poststructuralism and Deconstruction *Ecocriticism Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms Acknowledgments Index of Terms

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