Oriental Love Poems

By: Michelle Lovric



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"Then let us pledge a friendshipwithout human tiesAnd meet again at thefar end of the Milky Way." "Li Po, translated by Joseph LeeThe ancient poets of the Far East have such a way with words and mental images. And so it is with the art from that region. Oriental Love Poems successfully entwines the two in a visual and poetic feast for the senses.This splendid anthology of love poetry makes a beautiful gift book. The volume comes lavishly illustrated in colors of the Oriental palette: lacquer blacks and reds, delicate jade greens, and kingfisher blues. Twelve pieces of intricate three-dimensional origami grace the book"s interior; the jacket includes origami as well. Each paper-folded figure"s symbolism is explained, while the poetry further expands the themes of the picturesque representations of love, passion, and commitment that characterize intimate Eastern expression.The subtlety and tenderness, the reflection and gentleness that emanate from these poems cannot be missed. The artwork"s creativity and precision pull readers back again and again. This collection can be given and enjoyed at a variety of levels, promising a broad appeal with readers everywhere.

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