Not Your Average Bear

By: Jerry Stelmok

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Publication Date - Apr 2007

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Best known as a master builder of the wood-and-canvas canoe (and the author of a book about them, p. 17), Jerry Stelmok has now revealed an equally remarkable talent at storytelling. Through these six stories the author takes you up into The County, deep into the North Woods, to western Maine, and down along the coast (and in one instance along the desolate wintry coast of Lake Superior) with convincing familiarity. On the way he introduces you to mostly ordinary people caught in extraordinary, escalating events—forced to confront strange circumstances for which nothing could possibly have prepared them. Jerry's sly humor and a gift for turning up the macabre will keep you turning the pages, late into the night. For over thirty years Jerry has built wood-canvas canoes professionally, written about canoes, and taught the craft to classes and individuals. In his free time he likes getting outside canoeing, sailing, snowshoeing, hunting, and fishing. Inside, he likes to write and paint. He is the co-author of The Wood and Canvas Canoe.


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