How to Survive a Scandal

By: Samara Parish

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How to Survive a Scandal

By: Samara Parish

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In this whirlwind regency romance, perfect for fans of Netflix's Bridgerton, a near-death experience leads to a marriage of convenience for two unsuspecting strangers, but will their unusual meeting lead them to true love? Lady Amelia was raised to be the perfect duchess, accomplished in embroidery, floral arrangement, and managing a massive household. But when an innocent mistake forces her and the uncouth, untitled Benedict Asterly into a marriage of convenience, all her training appears to be for naught. Even worse, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to this man no finishing school could have prepared her for. Benedict Asterly never dreamed saving Amelia's life would lead to him exchanging vows with the hoity society miss. Benedict was taught to distrust the aristocracy at a young age, so when news of his marriage endangers a business deal, Benedict is wary of Amelia's offer to help. But his quick-witted, elegant bride defies all his expectations . . . and if he's not careful, she'll break down the walls around his guarded heart.

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