How to Catch a Duke

By: Grace Burrowes



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A fake engagement and plenty of witty banter keep the pages turning in this delightful Regency romance from the New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn hails as "terrific." "I have come to ask you to kill me, my lord." Miss Abigail Abbott desperately needs to disappear, and the only person she trusts to help her do that is Lord Stephen Wentworth, heir to the Duke of Walden. Stephen is brilliant, charming, and -- when he needs to be -- absolutely ruthless. So ruthless that he proposes marriage instead of a pretense of murder to keep Abigail safe. Stephen knows that Abigail has the dignity and determination of a duchess and the courage of a lioness. When she accepts his courtship of convenience, he also discovers she kisses like his most intimate wish come true. For Abigail, their arrangement is a sham to escape her dangerous enemies. For Stephen, it's his last, best hope to share a lifetime with the lady of his dreams -- if he can convince her his love is real.

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