Family Acts

By: Louise Shaffer

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"Sweet, fast-paced, and full of heart." - Publishers Weekly. "Pour a glass of sweet tea and settle in for some top-notch entertainment." - Booklist. tie Harder and Randa Jennings are two very different women living on opposite coasts when each is informed by a lawyer that she's received an inheritance. They meet for the first time in a small Georgia town and learn that they've inherited a stately but rundown opera house. While Katie and Randa try to figure out what their connection might be, they learn that the opera house has been kept alive for the past 100 years by a long line of Venable women. These women have gone to great lengths to keep the opera house in the family - and they've also managed to bury a secret that could destroy the Venable legacy forever. Now, Katie and Randa must decide if they have what it takes to keep the Venable family legacy alive.

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