Everything but a Christmas Eve

By: Holly Jacobs

Publisher Description

For years, Nana Vancy Bashalde Salo believed that she'd cursed her own family with bad weddings. Now that the curse is broken, she s bored. Her best friends, the Silver Bells, convince her to try her hand at matchmaking. And Nana has just the person in mind: Salo Construction's new office manager, Eve Allen. Eve is coming out of a bad relationship and longs for a little quiet and order. That's definitely not in the cards with Nana Vancy around. And it's even less possible when Nana tries to hook her up with TC Potter, a boy who broke her heart in kindergarten when he told her there was no Santa Claus, and then broke it again in ninth grade when he stood her up for a dance. Eve's heart is still healing from her last bad relationship she doesn t need it broken by TC for a third time. Freelance writer TC Potter makes his living writing articles about Every American Man. His life was pretty much perfect until he was named one of America s most eligible bachelors last year. He's spent the last twelve months hiding out from women who'd like to de-bachelor him. Now he's finally met someone he d really like to date, but Eve isn't interested. Maybe with a Hungarian grandmother s help, and a little Christmas magic, he can convince her that they have something too special to ignore.

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