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By: F. C. Lane; Frederick Ivor-Campbell (Foreword by)

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Publication Date - Sep 2001

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A long loved but unavailable baseball classic, Batting features interviews with over 250 pioneering baseball figures who share their insights into the game from a hitter's perspective. Legendary baseball figures such as Ty Cobb, Casey Stengel, Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Rogers Hornsby, and Babe Ruth reveal the secrets of such integral and interesting parts of the game as place hitting, bunting, hit and run, the sacrifice, batting stance, the batting order, and how to choose a bat. The pros cover the way to beat a slump, common baseball player superstitions, how to outguess the pitcher, and the best way to deal with unhappy fans and the press. Batting is also noteworthy for returning baseball to its roots, downplay-ing slugging and stressing instead a "scientific" and mental approach to offense-including place hitting, bunting, and base stealing. This special edition features the original classic along with accompanying advertisements, a biographical introduction by Frederick Ivor-Campbell, and an expanded index by Leverett T. Smith Jr.F. C. Lane (1885-1984) was a longtime editor of and writer for Baseball Magazine, the sport's first monthly magazine. Frederick Ivor-Campbell is the vice president of the Society for American Baseball Research.

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