A Writer's Guide to Nonfiction

By: Elizabeth Lyon

Publisher Description

Don't get lost on the path. Just forge ahead with the Writer's Compass. Drawing on decades of professional experience as an author, editor, writing instructor, mentor, and marketing consultant, Elizabeth Lyon helps you navigate the art and craft of writing - with clear, easy-to-follow directions. North Getting your bearings Understanding your purpose and your audience; learn to refine your ideas, select effective titles, and find the best method of organisation for any piece South Trouble-shooting Use checklists and guidelines to spot weaknesses and problems in leads, organisation, conclusions, and style - and find out how to correct them East Learning to Market Map a successful cover letter, query letter, or proposal, and discover a four-step process to facilitate publication and sales West Refining Your Vision Brainstorming to gain perspective on your writing - and how it fits with your values, goals, and dreams

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