The Ironic Christian's Companion

By: Patrick Henry


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The Ironic Christian's Companion

By: Patrick Henry

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Est. Publication Date - Mar 1999

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ISBN: 1573221074

These days, the loudest Christian voices seem very sure about many things that might still be thought open for discussion. But modern life has few, if any, clearly drawn lines, no rules that always hold true. For Patrick Henry, there are no answers without loose ends, and God is full of surprises. His book is a companion, not a how-to manual -- a spiritual resource that is also an antidote to boredom and a teaser of the imagination. It is a guide to living with faith in a postmodern world. In interlocking essays, Henry muses on the ambiguities of time and place, on paying attention, on hope and prayer. His book is also a journal of life as a professor of religion, into which are woven the observations of other writers he has encountered on his metaphysical travels. Like Kathleen Norris, Patrick Henry brings a questing intelligence, humor, and great writing to his investigation of the relevance of Christianity in the modern age. The Ironic Christian's Companion does not pretend to answer the big questions, but in lucid, engaging prose it sets out to identify what they are.

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