Lead with Literacy

By: Mandy Ellis


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Lead with Literacy

By: Mandy Ellis

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ISBN: 9781946444813

Readers are leaders. Leaders are readers. Literacy impacts every aspect of life--from schoolwork and test scores to the way we relate to others and to the career paths we and our students pursue. But learning to read--and teaching students to read--isn't always easy, which is why the most important tenet of developing a culture of reading in your school is to foster a love of reading. In Lead with Literacy, educator and elementary school principal Mandy Ellis offers practical, immediately actionable, fun ideas and strategies that will deeply embed books, reading, and literacy into your school culture. You'll learn . . . * Who should decide which books students should be reading * What it takes to create a culture of reading * Where books can and should be found in your school * Why books need to come with a "no strings attached" policy * How to lead the way by sharing what you are reading now Rather than focusing exclusively on Lexile scores and reading levels, Ellis encourages leaders to integrate literacy everywhere. The ultimate goal is to make reading a joy for every member of the school community--starting with the lead reader. Lead with literacy. "I am already executing so many of Mandy's strategies in my third-grade classroom, and my students are better for it " --Kayla Delzer, globally awarded teacher, author, CEO of Top Dog Teaching, Inc. "Mandy shares a treasure chest of precious gems to create a culture of lead readers in your school." --Tara Martin, author of Be REAL "The ideas in this book go beyond literacy to positively impact the culture, the innovative practices, and the overall enjoyment within your school and/or your classroom." --Eric Ewald, lead reader and principal "Lead with Literacy takes you on a walk through hallways and classrooms while sharing an engaging narrative of how literacy must be passionately instilled in all children." --Sue Tonnesen, elementary principal

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