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Woke Church

By: Eric Mason; Ligon Duncan (Foreword by); John M. Perkins (Foreword by)

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Est. Publication Date - Oct 2018

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ISBN: 9780802416988

"Between the Christianity of this land, and the Christianity of Christ, I recognize the widest possible difference." -Frederick Douglass, 1845 The prophets of old were not easy to listen to because they did not flatter. They did not cajole. They spoke hard words that often chafed and unsettled their listeners. Like the Old Testament prophets, and more recent prophetic voices like Frederick Douglass, Dr. Eric Mason calls the evangelical church to a much-needed reckoning. In a time when many feel confused, complacent, or even angry, he challenges the church to: Be Aware - to understand that the issue of justice is not a black issue, it's a kingdom issue. To learn how the history of racism in America and in the church has tainted our witness to a watching world. Be Redemptive - to grieve and lament what we have lost and to regain our prophetic voice, calling the Church to remember our gospel imperative to promote justice and mercy. Be Active - to move beyond polite, safe conversations about reconciliation and begin to set things aright for our soon-coming King, who will be looking for a WOKE CHURCH.

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