A Deadly Game

By: Catherine Crier


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A Deadly Game

By: Catherine Crier

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Publication Date - Jul 2005

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ISBN: 9780060766122

Filled with newsbreaking revelations – the definitive journalistic account of the Laci Peterson murder investigation . . . and of the sociopathic Scott Peterson's journey from philandering to murder to Death Row. Catherine Crier has been covering the Peterson case since Laci Peterson was first reported missing from her home on 24 December 2002. Crier, a former judge and one of television's most popular legal analysts, was among the first to question the behaviour of Laci's husband, Scott Peterson. And with her network of journalistic sources, Crier was soon able to penetrate the core of the police investigation that followed – gaining access to a huge and revealing body of police reports, wiretap transcripts of unreported conversations of Scott's, photographic evidence, and other exclusive materials. Drawing on these resources – and on extensive interviews with key witnesses and both of the lead investigators on the case – Crier has written this astonishingly detailed and intimate look at the most unforgettable murder case in America since that of O.J. Simpson. Thoroughly engrossing yet highly disturbing, Catherine Crier's A Deadly Game will make news – and create an indelible portrait of a sociopathic killer.

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