Tasty Adulting

By: Tasty

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Tasty Adulting

By: Tasty

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ISBN: 9781984825605

"BuzzFeed's Tasty turns to foundational meals for young cooks who are just starting out with 75 fun, trendsetting recipes that are quick, easy, and totally doable. Let's face it--adulting is hard. Millennials and Gen Z-ers especially struggle to find their groove with more traditional, domestic responsibilites--like cooking. It can be tough to find a resource to help you feel capable and confident in the kitchen and happy and well-fed at the table. Already beloved for its easy and, well, tasty recipes, Tasty is the perfect brand to bring the fun and ease to cooking for people just starting to grapple with the tricky world of adulthood. Tasty Adulting covers all the basics and more, with chapters like Souper Heroes, Put Some Meat On Your Bones, and A Sweet Finish, as well as a whole section for having people over and another just for pasta. These recipes are the ones fans know and love mixed with exciting new ones, all perfect for newbies in the kitchen"--

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