The Play Zone

By: Lewis Pinault


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The Play Zone

By: Lewis Pinault

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Publication Date - Jul 2004

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ISBN: 9780066621012

Lewis Pinault experienced an interesting phenomenon after the publication of Consulting Demons - instead of shunning him, consultants of every stripe were eager to echo his experiences, and wanted him to test and assess consulting techniques being developed in light of the new economic regime. In this environment, Pinault discovered how consultants were changing to keep up with the leaner economy, and his role as a consultant to consultants led to an invitation to join EDS as its VP of Consumer Industries and Retail. Against this background, Pinault again draws back the curtain on the professional services industry, this time revealing the latest cutting-edge findings set to revolutionize the consumer experience: the amazing relationship between innocent play and complex technologies, and how the growing importance of our creative power as consumers is redefining the multi-trillion dollar consumer industry. By integrating the latest findings from the fields of complexity science, and customer service and management, and rendering them simply and logically, Pinault has created a system of 6 principles that can be successfully applied to any organization to unleash the power of play in all aspects of the consumer experience. Filled with entertaining stories, larger-than-life characters and eye-opening revelations, The Play Zone will guide readers through a boisterous crowd of important new ideas so that they can connect with consumers like never before.

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