SIGNED - Dancing Naked... in Fuzzy Red Slippers

By: Carmen Richardson Rutlen

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Format - Hardcover

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Publication Date - Dec 2004

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ISBN: 9781879384538

Dancing Naked ... in fuzzy red slippers isn't about life, but about living life. You'll visit Tobago on a warm summer evening, and Venice at twilight. This isn't a travel book in the usual sense, but it does explore interesting landscapes of the mind and heart. It talks about dancing naked in the morning and being late for work, and visits divorce and the accompanying sorrows and joys. It introduces you to a homeless woman named Joan, and tells about the death of a basset hound named Rufus. It takes you through a "near-love" experience, and gives instructions on what to do with an extra half-hour you find lying on the ground. And in the end, it's about how beautiful we all are, despite our stumbling, bumbling ways, and what a joy it is to be part of this marvelous, exclusive club we call -- being human. Book jacket.

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