Wake-up Calls

By: Joan Lunden


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Wake-up Calls

By: Joan Lunden

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Format - Hardcover

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Publication Date - Sep 2000

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ISBN: 9780071361262

In the two decades since she first appeared on Good Morning America and instantly captured our hearts with her infectious good humor and early-morning enthusiasm, Joan Lunden has become a rare and genuine American treasure. In the face of countless challenges--each compounded by the relentless spotlight of celebrity--Joan has never sacrificed her upbeat outlook and always refused to abandon her dreams and goals. And now, after a pair of beloved New York Times bestselling life-guides, Joan offers her most revealing, empowering, and inspired book yet as she shares with readers the various and often surprising sources from which she draws her remarkable strength. Full of photographs and priceless, refreshingly straightforward advice, Wake-Up Calls reveals a "behind-the-scenes" Joan--candid, content, and clear-eyed--as she doles out the sage guidance that has kept her thriving throughout her long tenure in the public eye. Through a spirited mix of beautifully written ruminations on some of her most personal experiences, poems, and hundreds of priceless quotes from notable figures in all walks of life, Joan Lunden demonstrates the matchless value of a positive, "you-can-do-it" attitude as she shows us: how to unravel the mind-sets that might be keeping us trapped in the past; how to declare and redefine our notions of what it means to be fulfilled and contented; how to connect to all of the motivational resources that we have at our fingertips but may not see;

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