The Intelligence of Dogs

By: Stanley Coren


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The Intelligence of Dogs

By: Stanley Coren

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Est. Publication Date - Mar 1995

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ISBN: 9780553374520

How well to dogs understand language? Why can't  Rover read? Can you teach on old dog new tricks?  How smart is your dog? Psychologist Stanley Coren  answers these questions and more in this  enlightening resource for dog owners, potential dog owners,  and anyone who loves a good dog story. In the  best-selling tradition ofThe Hidden Life Of  Dogsand featured in national media from  USA Todayand  Newsweekto "Charlie Rose" and  "Dateline NBC,"The Intelligence Of  Dogsis an absorbing read that combines heroic  stories of dogs with the latest scientific and  psychological information and sections on how to:  Choose a family dog. Read your dog's body language.  Test your dog's smarts. Understand the sophisticated  language of the bark. Tailor a training program  for best results. And so much  more.

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