Stolen Kisses

By: Suzanne Enoch


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Stolen Kisses

By: Suzanne Enoch

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Format - Paperback

Condition - Excellent

Listed - A year ago

Publication Date - Jan 2000

Publisher Description

ISBN: 9780380788132

Fire and Ice . . . Jack Faraday, the Marquis of Dansbury, is rich, titled, and handsome as sin. A scandalous rake who's charmed a long string of ladies, he finally meets his match in Miss Lilith Benton, known as the Ice Queen. Intent on restoring her family's good name, Lilith wants only to make a respectable marriage. So when the tempting but notorious Jack begins to woo her, she is determined to ignore him. Then their accidental involvement in a duke's mysterious death forces Jack and Lilith to become conspirators to clear their names—and suddenly cold disdain gives way to hot desire. Now Lilith may find his passionate stolen kisses too tempting to resist . . .

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