The Tourist

By: Robert Dickinson

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The Tourist

By: Robert Dickinson

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Publication Date - Oct 2016

Publisher Description

ISBN: 9780316399425

"A rare treat: a time travel tale that brings something new to the subgenre. . ..A wry social commentary and an uneasy tale of escalating paranoia." Guardian THE FUTURE IS ALREADY WRITTEN. THE FUTURE HAS ALREADY HAPPENED. "Welcome to the 21st Century. Please don't feed the natives. . ..Echoes of Bradbury and Orwell, in the service of a crackerjack conspiracy plot; a seductively intriguing work of speculative fiction." Kirkus TIME TRAVEL IS CONFUSING. "Leaps of time, identity, and chronology create a dark, chillingly claustrophobic atmosphere." Publishers Weekly PROCEED WITH CAUTION. WHO WILL SOLVE THE PUZZLE OF THE TOURIST?

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