Our Dreaming Mind

By: Robert L. Van de Castle; Robert Van De Castle


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Our Dreaming Mind

By: Robert L. Van de Castle; Robert Van De Castle

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ISBN: 0345396669

"A MASTERPIECE ON DREAMS...This book is a singular resource.... If it inspires you to remember your dreams, this book will change your life. If it inspires you to act on your dreams, this book will change the world." --Henry Reed Author of Getting Help from Your Dreams and Dream Solutions In this brilliantly researched and thorough study, internationally recognized dream authority Robert L. Van de Castle examines the vital role that dreams have played throughout history, from the dreams of ancient Sumerian kings to the pioneering dream research of nineteenth-century psychologists. Our Dreaming Mind delves into the most provocative experiments that scientists are conducting on the dreaming mind in this century and surveys ongoing dream experiments: dreams and sexual arousal, the impact of pregnancy on dreams, the connection between dreams and creativity, and the possibility of paranormal dreams. "In Our Dreaming Mind, Robert Van de Castle pulls decades of accumulated wisdom together in a sweeping panorama unsurpassed in the literature for its scope, its insight, and its ability to captivate its readers. --Stanley Krippner Director of The Saybrook Institute Editor of Dream Time and Dream Work "IMMENSELY READABLE...A monumental history of dreams." --Publishers Weekly "Our Dreaming Mind is really a dream come true--the most comprehensive, authoritative, and inspiring book on dreams I know about. At heart, this book is about human consciousness and our place in the universe. A magnificent contribution." --Larry Dossey, M.D. Author of Meaning & Medicine: A Doctor's Tales of Breakthrough and Healing AN ALTERNATE SELECTION OF THE BOOK-OF-THE-MONTH CLUB

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