Tenshi Ja Nai!! Vol.7

By: Takako Shigematsu (Artist)


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I'm No Angel!

By: Takako Shigematsu (Artist)

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Format - Paperback

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Publication Date - Jun 2007

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ISBN: 9781933617275

Changes abound at Seika Academy this year... including new dorm arrangements! They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but will this hold true for Izumi and Hikaru - especially when Ayase and Ukyo drop in for a surprise visit? Izumi's worried that Hikaru's feelings for her beloved sensei will rekindle, but poor Hikaru has other things on her mind! She's just been forced into competing in a pop star contest, and is chosen to act out a scene with Izumi - cast in the part of a desperate lover!

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