The Lies You Told

By: Harriet Tyce

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The Lies You Told

By: Harriet Tyce

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ISBN: 9781538762752

In the playground it's the law of the jungle.At the school gate, there are no rules at all... Life is hard for Sadie Roper. Her ex-husband is unkind and domineering, she's struggling with her return to work as a barrister after nearly ten years away from chambers, and her children hate their new school. They haven't made any friends yet and neither has she. She's at rock bottom when Liza, queen of the school gate, befriends her. Sadie is drawn into the heart of the world from which she was previously excluded, and both she and her kids start to thrive. So when Liza's family comes under threat, Sadie is the first to offer support, too loyal to worry about the danger to which she and her children might be exposed. She's keeping her friends close---what Sadie doesn't know is that her enemies are closer still...

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