Rattlesnake Mesa

By: EdNah New Rider Weber; Richela Renkun (Photographer)

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Rattlesnake Mesa

By: EdNah New Rider Weber; Richela Renkun (Photographer)

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ISBN: 9781584302315

After her beloved Grandmother dies, EdNah, a seven-year-old Pawnee girl, goes to live with a father she hardly knows on a Navajo reservation miles away. Heartbroken but resilient, she begins to create a new life for herself in this unfamiliar place. Just as EdNah starts to feel at home in her new surroundings, she is sent away to a strict government-run Indian school. With her world turned upside down once again, EdNah must learn to rely on herself and her newfound community of friends. Told in the unconventional voice of a seasoned storyteller, Rattlesnake Mesa is a true account of a girl coming-of-age during a complex time in America's past. Both heartbreaking and humorous, you will be moved to tears and laughter as you experience EdNah's spirited celebration of life as a healing.

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