Drafting and Design Simplified

By: Sarah Sacks Dunn


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Drafting and Design Simplified

By: Sarah Sacks Dunn

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Publication Date - Jun 2003

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ISBN: 9781579545031

Drafting and Design Simplified (edited by Sarah Sacks Dunn) is your Step-by-Step Guide to Drafting & Design Declare your independence and find out how to draft and design your own quilts! A dream team of quiltmaking experts shares the latest and greatest techniques. There's no need to be a whiz at numbers! With clear, step-by-step directions and more than 350 photos and illustrations, you'll quickly learn the tricks, from resizing blocks to creating an original-- and wonderful-- quilt design. Discover how to: * Put design principles to work for you * Take inspiration from photos or pictures to design original pictorial quilts * Make your computer your favorite quilt design tool * Create perfect circles, diamonds, hexagons, octagons, apple cores, clamshells, and kites * Play with an image, adding, repeating, stretching, skewing, or curving it for a whole new look * Draft dozens of patterns such as Stars, Mariner's Compass, Pineapples, Curved Flying Geese, Fans, Orange Peel, and many more

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