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Now We Are Sixty

By: Christopher Matthew; David Eccles (Illustrator)

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Format - Hardcover

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Publication Date - Oct 2001

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ISBN: 9780670030477

Childhood is confusing enough, but compared to middle age it is a piece of cake. When Christopher Matthew was six, the poems of A. A. Milne were always on hand to reassure him that other children were just as puzzled and foolish as he was. Now Matthew is sixty, and he has decided it is high time there is an equally reassuring volume for grown-ups who are not only as confused as ever, but also losing their hair, their teeth, and, all too often, their car keys. In Now We Are Sixty, Matthew has taken some of Milne's best-loved poems and rewritten them for the older generation. More than just following Milne's familiar rhythms and rhymes, Matthew has taken great care to reinvent his curious mixture of comedy, keen observation, and wistfulness. David Eccles's delightful illustrations complete the conceit. The result is a delightful volume in and of its own right -and one that the millions of Milne fans will adore.

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