Big Magic for Little Hands ♻️

By: Joshua Jay

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Format - Hardcover

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ISBN: 9780761180098

Secrets from the Master Magician, just for kids  Conjure an egg. Vanish a teacup. Teleport a glass of juice. Dazzle your family and friends with 25 astonishing illusions specially designed to require little prep time and dexterity, yet guaranteed to deliver big applause and big fun--including impromptu effects that can be performed anywhere, anytime! Master teacher and performer Joshua Jay guides his apprentices through every step of the magician's arts, from the first step--taking the secret Magician's Oath--all the way to the big finish! A note to parents: There's real power in magic. Your child won't just be reading, practicing, and interacting with adults and peers--he or she will learn public speaking skills and attain real confidence. And your dinner parties will have a headlining magician, free of charge!  

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