The Balloon Tree

By: Phoebe Gilman


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The Balloon Tree

By: Phoebe Gilman

Format - Hardcover

Condition - Excellent

Listed - 3 months ago

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ISBN: 9781616084547

"Phoebe Gilman has written and illustrated a very attractive book with an appealing story about a very capable and spirited girl. The illustrations are full of life and colour...Highly recommended!" --CM Magazine "Don't worry," said Princess Leora's father just before he left for the tournament. "If anything goes wrong, release a bunch of balloons from the castle tower. Wherever I am, I will see them and come home right away." Now, something is wrong--very wrong. Princess Leora's grumpy uncle, the Archduke, wants to be king, and the very first thing he does is pop every balloon in the kingdom. Princess Leora is afraid, but she doesn't give up. If she can find just one whole balloon, the kingdom will be saved! This is a book every mother and father will look forward to reading to their child at bedtime. Enjoy!

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