The Sin of Kissing You

By: Maya Hughes

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The Sin of Kissing You

By: Maya Hughes

Format - Paperback

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Est. Publication Date - May 2021

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ISBN: 9781950117147

I don't deserve her forgiveness, but I can't stop fighting for it. Bay ran from me four years ago and I can't blame her. I broke her heart and my own with one split second mistake. Now we're thrown together for four weeks. Training camp after the draft is the final step to cement my pro football careers, but after seeing her again, she's the only future I want. If I were a better guy, I'd walk away and let her live her life. Maybe I haven't learned my lesson yet because I can't stop thinking about her. And I won't stop until she knows how much I still love her. The sins of my past are hard to run from, but I'll battle every single one, if it means one more chance with her. The Sin of Kissing You is the second book in the new Fulton U universe sports romance, Falling trilogy.

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