Najica Blitz Tatics vol.2

By: Takuya Tashiro; Joshua Cole (Translator)

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Najica Blitz Tatics

By: Takuya Tashiro; Joshua Cole (Translator)

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Publication Date - Oct 2004

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ISBN: 1413900429

Najica and Lila are back and this time their missions take them to many exotic locales: undercover at an all-girl's school to protect an important researcher's daughter from terrorists; aboard a luxury liner to recover a Humaritt; Area D4, on a remote island of the Japanese archipelago, where a bio-weapons experiment has gone horribly awry; and even auditions to be an idol singer! Finally, they journey to a small island country in the Pacific to recover a Humaritt whose master is a renegade scientist who disappeared 3 years ago.

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