Saved by a Poem

By: Kim Rosen

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Saved by a Poem

By: Kim Rosen

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Publication Date - Oct 2009

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ISBN: 9781401921460

In these times of global and personal uncertainty, why turn to poetry? In Saved by a Poem, Kim Rosen reveals how a poem can be a companion through difficulty-acting as a guide when we are lost; a salve when we are wounded; and a conduit to insight, freedom, and joy. Since Kim understands that many avoid poetry because they are intimidated or 'just don't get it,' she offers a new way to experience a poem. She rejects the traditional academic approach and encourages you instead to feel the poem as an affirmation or prayer that brings every level of who you are-your thoughts, feelings, and even your physical energies-into alignment with what matters most. This can help you gain deeper insight into your life and may just inspire a profound transformation. Kim weaves her story with those of people around the world who use poetry to light a path through the darkest moments. She teaches how to select a poem with personal significance, how to find your voice, and how to free your expression from fear and habit. Speaking poetry aloud brings its medicine to all who hear it-dissolving separation, fostering truth, and awakening the heart. Also included is a CD featuring well-known authors and visionaries reading a favorite poem and discussing its impact on their lives.

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