The Effect of Living Backwards

By: Heidi Julavits

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The Effect of Living Backwards

By: Heidi Julavits

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ISBN: 0425198170

Following her acclaimed debut, The Mineral Palace, Heidi Julavits presents a quirky, compelling novel about two sisters, a bizarre event, and the elusive nature of truth--a New York Times Notable Book. Does Alice really hate her sister, or is that love? Was she really enrolled in grad school, or was that an elaborate hoax? Is this really a hijacking, or is it merely the effect of living backwards? "Heidi Julavits--no stranger to edgy, dark topics--takes liberties with conventional notions of hijacking and hostages, weaving humor in a zingy and brainy spectrum...If you can take successive shots of wit with gulps of moral inquisition, then this fine book is for you."--Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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