USA from Space

By: Anne-Catherine Fallen


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USA from Space

By: Anne-Catherine Fallen

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Publication Date - Oct 1997

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ISBN: 9781552091593

Satellite images from outer space show us an astronaut's view of the world below. The colorful pictures let us explore what we see in maps of the United States, only the details are real. Big lakes and rivers, mountains and coasts, cities, deserts and forests all show up clearly in these images taken from space. USA From Space reveals some of the most striking features of the American landscape. Using techniques that clearly delineate land forms and land uses (farms in Montana, bridges in Manhattan, waterways of the Florida Everglades), these images make geography come alive. Each of 20 sites is portrayed in a striking full color image, accompanied by thoughtful text that describes the natural features in the picture. An accompanying photograph taken at ground level enhances each view from space: the rising space shuttle in Florida, an erupting volcano in Hawaii, earthquake damage in California. A locator map helps the reader pinpoint the area being shown, and the useful introduction explains how the images were created.

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