By: John Cummings; Ernest Volkman


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By: John Cummings; Ernest Volkman

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Publication Date - Dec 1991

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ISBN: 9780380714872

The Dapper Don A cocky kid from the streets of East New York, he rose to become one of the most feared men in the nation. Establishing a power base through brilliant politicking and blood-chilling ruthlessness, at 45 he took control of America's richest, most powerful crime family following the gangland-style execution of his predecessor. Though the target of almost contionous FBI and police surveillance, he has spent little time in prison . . . and has never been convicted of racketeering, drug-trafficking or murder. Prize-winning journalists John Cummings and Ernest Volkman's shocking true account of the brutal and meteoric rise of John "Johhny Boy" Gotti from Brooklyn "bone-breaker" to lord of the Gambino Family -- a riveting exploration into the the bloody machinery of La Cosa Nostra operating on the dark side of the American dream.

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