Hope and Other Luxuries

By: Clare B. Dunkle

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Hope and Other Luxuries

By: Clare B. Dunkle

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Publication Date - May 2015

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ISBN: 9781452121567

As heard on NPR's Diane Rehm Show! Clare Dunkle seemed to have an ideal life--two beautiful, high-achieving teenage daughters, a loving husband, and a satisfying and successful career as a children's book novelist. But it's when you let down your guard that the ax falls. Just after one daughter successfully conquered her depression, another daughter developed a life-threatening eating disorder. Co-published with Elena Vanishing, the memoir of her daughter, this is the story--told in brave, beautifully written, and unflinchingly honest prose--of one family's fight against a deadly disease, from an often ignored but important perspective: the mother of the anorexic.

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