Nature's Fury

By: Life Magazine Editors

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Nature's Fury

By: Life Magazine Editors

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ISBN: 9781603200110

Hurricane Katrina. The Indian Ocean Tsunami. Killer Tornadoes. Planet Earth's extremes of weather are making news as never before, and now LIFE explains why, in a book that collects some of the greatest photographs of natural disasters ever assembled. From earthquakes to tornadoes, lightning to tsunamis, LIFE Nature's Fury illuminates the hidden natural forces that shape our lives in splendid and terrible ways. LIFE travels back to before Noah's flood and looks at the frenzied activity that led to the death of the dinosaurs. The volcano that might have sunk the legendary Atlantis is discussed, as is the one that led to the poignant mummies of Pompeii. In our times, LIFE presents 25 natural disasters of the last century and a-half in vivid photography. Interspersed are special sections that answer the questions: What is a hurricane? What is a Tsunami? What is an earthquake? This helps the reader understand the phenomenal forces behind the almost unbelievable imagery.

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