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The Yellow Star

By: Carmen Agra Deedy; Henri Sorensen (Illustrator)

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Publication Date - Sep 2000

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ISBN: 9781561452088

Without the yellow star to point them out, the Jews looked like any other Danes. In 1940, Nazis occupied Denmark and King Christian X, beloved amongst his people, had to find some way to resist their overwhelming power. When the order went out that all Jews must wear a yellow star on their clothes, the king had an idea that might just work. But it would take the faith and commitment of all Danes. In this retelling of a World War II legend, New York Times best-selling author Carmen Agra Deedy poignantly remind us of the power of a good, wise leader. Paired with Henri Sørensen's arresting full-color portraits, this is a powerful and dignified story of heroic justice.

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