Do Not Open

By: John Farndon

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Do Not Open

By: John Farndon

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Est. Publication Date - Nov 2007

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ISBN: 9780756632052

In the groundbreaking tradition of DK's New York Times bestseller Pick Me Up, this book uses the same irreverent style to explore all the things THEY don't want you know about. From the Mona Lisa's hidden past to the history of Area 51, Do Not Open explores lost worlds, unravels secret codes, and lets readers step through the looking glass to see if they can handle the truth! Reveals the true stories behind each secret in a clear and entertaining way Gives readers unrestricted access to facts and information previously kept hidden Peculiar or puzzling, off-beat or oddball, eccentric or extraordinary - it's in the book Clues and secret "pathways" within the text provide an extra layer of puzzle-solving fun A brilliant mix of innovative illustration styles from fresh new artists Buzzy text speaks to kids in their own language Perfect for kids who loved Pick Me Up.

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