Edgar and Lucy

By: Victor Lodato

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Edgar and Lucy

By: Victor Lodato

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Publication Date - Mar 2017

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ISBN: 9781250096982

How do you love the son you never expected to have? How do you love the mother who can't let you in? Edgar & Lucy An unlikely love story. "I love this book. Profoundly spiritual and hilariously specific...an unusual and intimate epic that manages to capture the wonder and terror of both child and parenthood with an uncanny clarity." - Lena Dunham, bestselling author of Not That Kind of Girl "This tale gradually exerts a fiendish grip on the reader" - Helen Simonson, author of Major Pettigrew's Last Stand “Took my breath away.” — Sophie McManus, author of The Unfortunates "A quirky coming-of-age novel that deepens into something dark and strange without losing its heart or its sense of wonder." - Tom Perrotta, bestselling author of The Leftovers "Victor Lodato may be our bard of the sadness, humor, and confusion of loss. He senses the absurdities and elation of mourning and childhood with a capacious precision that brings to mind J.D. Salinger, Lorrie Moore, Karen Russell, even James Joyce. Edgar and Lucy will make you feel things you haven't felt in ages." - Daniel Torday, author of The Last Flight of Poxl West

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