Strong Is the New Pretty: a Guided Journal for Girls

By: Kate T. Parker


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Strong Is the New Pretty

By: Kate T. Parker

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ISBN: 9781523505500

Inspired by Kate T. Parker's internationally bestselling Strong Is the New Pretty, which Drew Barrymore called "the first thing in a while to kind of knock me off my feet," this guided journal invites girls ages 8 to 12 to discover and celebrate their independent, wild, silly, powerful selves. Illustrated  with favorite photographs from the book Strong Is the New Pretty (as well as more than 20 brand-new images), each page features an inspiring, interactive prompt that encourages writing, doodling, and creative self-expression:  Draw a picture of yourself as a superhero--what is your superpower?  Invent a new language, and write down some translations here.  What makes you unique? List three things about you that make you different.  As girls make their way through the journal, it becomes a source of motivation to be their most powerful selves. It's a personal keepsake to revisit again and again.  

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