You Poked My Heart!

By: Brandy Cooke; Laura Logan (Illustrator)

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You Poked My Heart!

By: Brandy Cooke; Laura Logan (Illustrator)

Format - Hardcover

Condition - Good

Listed - 3 months ago

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ISBN: 9781499803105

Introducing You Poked My Heart!, a sweet board book featuring adorable puppies! Mom has a surprise for Sue and Lou. Two balloons! A red heart for Lou and a yellow one for Sue. Lou loves his red balloon, but Sue is disappointed with hers and wants Lou's. She tries to take his balloon and accidentally pops it, prompting him to say, "You poked my heart!" Lou becomes very sad. Sue tries to fix the situation and finds a long, skinny red balloon, which she twists and fashions into a heart shape. Sue and Lou make up, and all is well again. Featuring adorable puppy illustrations by Laura Logan, this book is sure to tug (not poke!) at everyone's heart!

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