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The Wisdom of John Paul II

By: Nick Bakalar (Editor); Richard Balkin (Editor); Pope John Paul II

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ISBN: 9780060604745

Culled from the writings of John Pope Paul II and organized into easy-to-read categories, here is an accessible, comforting, and inspiring volume of the Pope's thoughts on everything from family and prayer to peace and morality, from death, suffering, death and dying to progress in the modern world. Sample quotes: On Work: For man and woman thus created and commissioned by God, the ordinary working day has great and wonderful significance. People's ideas, activities and undertakings -- however commonplace they may be -- are used by the Creator to renew the world, to lead it to salvation, to make it a more perfect instrument of divine glory. On Rich and Poor: If your idol is profit and pleasure, remember that man's value is not measured by what he has, but by what he is. So let him who has accumulated a great deal, and who thinks that everything is summed up in this, remember that he may be worth far less (within himself and in the eyes of God) than any of those poor and unknown persons.

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