Xtreme Illusions

By: National Geographic


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Xtreme Illusions

By: National Geographic

Format - Hardcover

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ISBN: 9781426310119

Seeing is believing. But what if you simply can't believe your eyes? Dive into another dimension and experience the eye-boggling and brain-twisting extremes of these awesome optical illusions. This mind-bending collection of visual puzzles will amaze your friends, mystify your family and even blow your own mind!Xtreme Illusions features every kind of visual trick and deceptive image, all in a cutting-edge style and using dynamic paper mechanics that are instantly engaging.Fun-filled sections include:DIZZY ALERT! You know these pictures aren't moving, but it looks as if they are!PUZZLING PICTURES: Beautiful young lady or elderly woman? Images in this book are not quite as simple as they seem.LOOPY LINES AND SILLY SIZES: Grab your "ruler of truth" included in this book and look closely! Test perplexing patterns where size, shape, or direction appears to be distorted and find out the real deal.LOOK...AND LOOK AGAIN: Nothing is exactly what it appears to be. Look for impossible objects, hidden secrets, and doorways to incredible worlds.Releases simultaneously in Reinforced Library Binding: 978-1-4263-1084-3 , $25.95/$30.00 Can

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