The Scandalous Summer of Sissy Leblanc

By: Loraine Despres


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The Scandalous Summer of Sissy Leblanc

By: Loraine Despres

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Publication Date - Oct 2001

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ISBN: 9780688173890

Rule Number Forty-eight of The Southern Belle's Handbook might state that '°a proper southern belle never lets on how bored she is," but it's the summer of 1956 and Sissy LeBlanc simply can't help herself. She's been living in stifling old Gentry, Louisiana, since she was born, a trapped in a sham of a marriage to PeeWee LeBlanc -- who, to be perfectly honest, makes 1 skin crawl -- since she was only seventeen. In short, she's fed up, restless, and ready for an adventure. Of course she'd never consider cheating on PeeWee, since she vowed back in '4l remain faithful -- but some days she just can't help but pray that some man will come along and lead her into temptation. Sissy just never expected her prayers to be answered on that breathless summer day as she sat smoking on her porch swing, contemplating suicide by aspirin and Coca-Cola. For although she might have been fixated on the taut muscles of the lineman shimmying down the telephone pole across the street, she hadn't allowed herself to imagine that he'd be none other than her high school sweetheart Parker Davidson! The former football star and toast of Gentry, Parker had left town in a flash fourteen years before without as much as a wave good-bye (not that she could blame him), but now he was back, standing in her very own kitchen, sipping Cokes over cracked ice and leaning in for a kiss. A kiss Sissy wants to resist but returns with passion -- at least until she opens her eyes to see the faces of her three children pressed against the screen door! A sassy, sexy, and humorous tale featuring a captivating cast of zany characters that leap off the page, The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc is a charming romp that shifts back and forth in time to reveal just how Sissy got stuck in Gentry -- and how she ultimately breaks out in triumph. Irrepressibly lively and audacious, this highly entertaining novel will resonate in the hearts and minds of readers everywhere.

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