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Whisper of Fear

By: Rhonda B. Saunders; Stephen G. Michaud; J. Reid Meloy (Foreword by)

Format - Hardcover

Condition - Excellent

Listed - 5 months ago

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Est. Publication Date - Nov 2008

Publisher Description

ISBN: 9780425223710

Rhonda B. Saunders wrote the law on stalking, and then devoted herself to prosecuting these predators. Now she takes us on a journey through her career and the strange and often terrifying experiences that have shaped it, highlighting instances where she dealt with bizarre, highly dangerous criminals and their victims." "In 1992, Saunders was randomly assigned to her first stalking case. Though the victim was clearly in peril, the California statute made effective prosecution impossible. For the next two years, she lobbied for her own revisions to the law, and became the state's foremost expert on stalking." "With more than two decades of experience in the courtroom, hearing victims' stories and prosecuting their tormentors, Saunders knows the hidden patterns of this common yet pervasively misunderstood crime. From her high-profile cases prosecuting on behalf of celebrity victims - including Madonna, Steven Spielberg, and Gwyneth Paltrow - to countless domestic incidents, such as the woman who burrowed under the home of her ex-lover, Saunders illustrates how these harrowing events helped her define the crime of stalking and develop the legal weapons to fight it - and shares tactics you can use to protect yourself and your loved ones from a stalker.

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